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Discussion tool #ANotreTravail

The discussion tool #ANotreTrvail (in French) is a concrete and easy-to-use tool to get employees, management, human resources and unions to discuss and develop gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

The pack contains 24 discussion cards focusing on gender equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace. The cards present facts and asks questions to prompt discussions regarding these issues at your workplace. The material is based on research and experience of practical work with gender equality and diversity.

Use the questions on the cards to discuss how your organization can work to achieve gender equality, diversity and an inclusive culture. Each card begins with a statement to reflect on, followed by a more in-depth explanation and discussion questions related to your workplace.

You can try a sample of five discussion cards for free: Digital sample #ANotreTravail

The discussion tool is available in physical and digital versions and it is available in Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, Finish and Polish.

You will find more info about the discussion tool at (site and webshop in English) and at (site and webshop in Swedish)